A positive case of COVID-19 has been confirmed at Donalson Care Center. The positive case is a resident; however, Lincoln Health System has confirmed that there is an unspecified number of employees who have also tested positive for the virus. Lincoln Health System has released the statement below regarding this development:

"Lincoln Health System and Donalson Care Center have worked diligently since the beginning of the COVID-19 spread in the US to follow all CDC and Tennessee Department of Health recommendations and guidelines to keep our residents, patients and staff safe and healthy. We feel blessed to have been able to keep our facility free of a positive COVID case until now.

Our facility has taken strict precautions to help keep our residents safe including restricting visitation, screening all staff every time they enter the building, limiting traffic in the building to essential personnel, extensive cleaning and disinfecting, weekly COVID testing, and appropriate usage of personal protective equipment. Unfortunately, we have had our first positive case in our facility.

We have been preparing for this event for months and we have strong protocols in place to limit the spread of this virus here at DCC. We have a dedicated wing in our facility to isolate COVID residents. We will continue to test our staff weekly and our residents will be screened twice per day for symptoms and tested if symptoms are present. Residents may be tested periodically during this time in order identify cases early and isolate any resident who may carry the virus asymptomatically.

Our first priority is to keep our residents and patients safe. We are working closely with a consultant at the TN Department of Health to ensure we are continuing to follow the most up to date guidelines during this time. We are communicating with our resident families to ensure they are aware of any changes that may affect their loved ones."

The Elk Valley Times is looking into this further and will provide updates as the story develops.