City receives rebranding update

During last week’s meeting of the Fayetteville Board of Mayor and Aldermen, Steve Chandler of Chandler Thinks, the firm hired by the city for rebranding and urban development, appeared to provide and update on the marketing campaign that has been underway since fall.

Chandler began his presentation by stating that “a lot has happened” since presenting the board with promotional materials – which included photos and a video that reflect positively upon the community – in November. According to Chandler, a directional signage plan has begun development, an implement that will ostensibly provide visitors with clear navigational aids directing them to key locations. Additionally, 5,000 visitor’s guides have been printed and disseminated throughout the town, and downtown maps were also created upon unexpected demand. Regarding those maps, Chandler suggested that the board consider which significant locations went unnoted on the initial printings so that future versions may be more richly populated with potential attractions.

 “Only in Fayetteville” stickers have also been made for businesses to place in their shop windows, encouraging Fayetteville’s private sector to embody the slogan.

Moving on to discuss the success of the campaign’s digital elements, Chandler stated that, the website created specifically for the rebranding/marketing effort, has received 14,000 unique visits. Additionally, 12,000 unique devices that were targeted for tourism marketing came within the city limits since their targeting, suggesting that the campaign has had a positive effect outside of mere website visits. Taking these two data points together, Chandler stated his belief that awareness of Fayetteville and its unique appeal have been boosted in the last few months.

Looking to the future, Chandler gave some suggestions on what can be done to keep the ball rolling. Firstly, he offered that the city might prioritize constructing the aforementioned directional signage before the end of the year, demonstrating a tangible result of the effort. Chandler then suggested providing more marketing support to local businesses, as he projects the tourism economy to “open up” in roughly the third quarter of 2021. Increased involvement in social media marketing was also noted as a means to increasing exposure, and, for his part, Chandler noted that more niche promotional materials reflecting narrower slices of life in Fayetteville could be helpful.

In closing, Chandler stated his desire to have the people of Fayetteville “see their city in lights,” which is to say as a place of great pride.