Galyon attends SJTA Fall Jewelry Show in Atlanta

Kent Galyon

Kent Galyon

K&B contractors, a long-time Star Store, has been a loyal member of the Southern Jewelers Trade Association (SJTA) for over 26 years and one of the first graduates of the Southern Jewelers Traders University’s Master Jeweler Program.

M. Kent Galyon, owner and master jeweler of K&B contractors of Fayetteville, attended the SJTA Fall Jewelry Show Aug. 9-11 in Atlanta. He has attended every biannual show for over 34 years, as well as the association’s classes, even before it started the SJTU program.

Galyon said he continues to focus on his education and keeping himself up-to-date in the jewelry industry and on the cutting edge of what is new and happening in the world of fashion. He has been re-certified twice since the program has been in place and is one of the top graduates.

The top designers from all over the world gather twice a year in Atlanta to educate and sell their products to the jewelry stores and manufacturing and repair personnel. Offering the latest in gold, silver, platinum, and alternative metals and stones, the event gives retailers the best of the best to buy to put in their stores to sell to the public.

“The fall show helps get everyone prepared for the Christmas buying season in products and education to those who chose to take the time to take advantage of it,” said Galyon. “This helps jewelers be prepared for the questions from the public on what they are seeing on the television and in newspaper as well as what they are hearing about on the radio.

“They see these things in the malls and in the tons of mailers they are getting overwhelmed with during the Christmas season,” he said. “A good jeweler and jewelry store owner and his or her associates are the well informed and up-to-date … if you don’t know jewelry, know your jeweler.”

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