Craig and Corinna Huffman, owners of Boneyard Auto & Salvage, stand in the forefront of some of the pre-1970 Chevy cars (at right) they purchased from Claude Holt’s Auto Salvage. In all, the couple bought more than 200 vehicles going back as far as the 1930s. Some of the vehicles are restorable, while others contain hard-to-find parts.

A large assemblage of pre-1970 “muscle cars” and other classic relics of the past are soon to be at rest in The Boneyard, just waiting for a chance to be restored or have their parts recycled.

Craig and Corrina Huffman, owners of Boneyard Auto & Salvage at 156 Molino Road, recently purchased more than 200 vehicles from Claude Holt, owner of Holt’s Auto Salvage. It seems that 92-year-old Mr. Holt is ready to slow down a bit.

“He’s been there since the late 50s,” said Craig, referring to Holt’s Auto Salvage on Lewisburg Highway.

A lot of interest has been generated in the collection of Holt’s vehicles and those hard-to-find auto parts. Within that group of vehicles are Chevy Bel Aires and Impalas, totaling more than 150 muscle cars. Many of the Impalas and Bel Aires are still salvageable, Craig said. They found that a 1968 Torino was also among those vehicles, and there are some 1930s and ‘40s Fords, along with some classic trucks.  

While Scott Blackwell Towing is hauling most of the vehicles, the Huffman family has the daunting task of cutting trees and other growth from within and around the vehicles to free them from entanglement.

One of the challenges they face is determining exactly what year some of the models are since the difference in some years is very subtle.

“Mr. Holt has given me a lot of knowledge about the cars,” said Craig, noting that Holt knows exactly which cars are in each row and when they were manufactured.

Since Boneyard Auto Salvage’s eight acres already contain about 450 vehicles, the challenge has been to rearrange everything to make room for the new additions. Craig refers to it as a “yard reset”. Corrine will be in charge of finding out where all the VINs are and map out the locations of each vehicle.

Boneyard’s Facebook page has had over 1,200 ‘likes’ since the posting of their purchase and many people asking about parts. The Huffmans inventory and pull vehicle parts for their customers and purchase scrap cars. For more information about vehicles or parts, call them at 433-3472.

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