Architectural salvage, antique store opens

Camille Raby stands at the entrance of the store she opened recently, White & Wood Antiques & Architectural Salvage.

Camille Raby stands at the entrance of the store she opened recently, White & Wood Antiques & Architectural Salvage.

Recently opened White & Wood Antiques on College Street East may be a tiny shop, but its owner, Camille (Strong) Raby, is big on re-purposing and decorating ideas.

The shop is located in between Lawson’s Clothing Store and Ashby’s Hardware. Originally, the space was for a staircase, and in later years, was used as a shoeshine shop.

Camille developed an interest in antiques about 15 years ago.

“My grandmother (Ruby Mulinax) influenced me in that area,” she said, explaining that her grandmother gave her a Mason jar set with graduated sizes.

“She grew up during the depression – they used everything,” she explained.

Camille started collecting antiques about 10 years ago.

A wood-framed screen from an old 1920’s house hanging on the wall is repurposed as a decorative way of displaying jewelry or photographs.

Nearby is an old wooden fireplace mantle.

“Some people are using them as headboards,” she said. Others might use it as a bookcase by adding some shelving between the fireplace opening.

She said that sometimes people who buy newer homes   like to buy architectural items to lend more charm to their homes.

On top of the mantle is a birch tree sleeve. These, she said, can be used for a vase. Along with the birch sleeve are pink spindles from an old chair that serve as a great Valentine’s Day centerpiece.

Wreaths hung throughout the shop are made from vintage encyclopedias and gift wrap from the 1950s. 

The reverse side of an old cast iron vent return rests on a table.

“It can be used for mail or jewelry,” she stated.

Two heavy, white wood brackets from a  craftsman’s style house, “You could make into a great console table”.

White & Wood also houses an assortment of old doors, windows,  ceiling tin, Coca-Cola crates, Prince Albert tins, vintage purses, bowls and other interesting items.

Camille also maintains a booth at the Magnolia Mall, where she has many other antiques and vintage items for sale.

Camille  graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in 2003 with a degree in interior decorating. She lived in Murfreesboro for 10 years and in Atlanta, Ga., for one. Last year she married Bryan Raby, and the two moved to Fayetteville when Bryan started working in Huntsville, Ala.

Camille is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Bob Strong and Mr. and Mrs. Mickey   Lawson, all of Fayetteville.

For more information about antiques and architectural items she sells, call 615-483-9304 or email

White and Wood hours are Thursday and Friday from 11 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.

The store is located at 126 College Street East.

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