Rex Sullivan Highland Rim

Rex Sullivan was voted Lincoln County's Finest in 2022. He is a bus driver for Highland Rim School. 

Bus drivers are a vital part of school systems, charged with carrying precious cargo throughout the school year to local schools, on field trips or to sports events. Unfortunately Lincoln County Schools is experiencing an extreme shortage due to some veteran drivers retiring or relocating.

Those who have entertained the idea of becoming a part-time county bus driver, might consider the positive impact they could have on children, in addition to earning extra income. Drivers are now offered extra incentives, such as the availability of health insurance. Even though the normal schedule for a bus driver is only about three hours per day, five days per week, those who wish to work more than 180 active days per year, have the option of driving for class field trips, many sports events throughout the school year and they can even drive extra routes. “Salary is $21 per hour for a beginning driver with no experience,” said Roxanne Thomas, Transportation Assistant to Gill at the Lincoln County School Bus Garage.