Barnes honored for Suicide Prevention work


With September recognized as Suicide Prevention Awareness Month by the Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network, the organization is diligently working to bring awareness and help for those who struggle with suicide.

This month TSPN also recognizes members in each region who go above and beyond in suicide prevention for the year. “In the South Central region, Molly Barnes is the regional winner,” said Mary Anne Christian, Director of the South Central Region of the TSPN. “Molly, who is a senior at Lincoln County High School, created LIFT, LC, after the loss of several of her classmates in a short period of time. She knew she wanted every student at Lincoln County High School to know they are important, are seen, and loved, thus the creation of LIFT, LC. LIFT stands for Living Together in Friendship and Togetherness, Lincoln County.”

“In the beginning, this organization presented to the student body, starting with juniors and seniors in the spring of 2019, then the incoming freshmen and sophomores in the fall of 2019,” she added. “They gave every student a bracelet that says “You are Loved” as well as other items throughout the year. They also have a “Commit To Life” banner for the students to sign and leave their thumbprint on. They have branched out to other schools within the district and region knowing they can make a difference together.”

With the new challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, LIFT, LC has begun a new outreach specifically for the virtual home learners. Virtual students can participate in weekly Google Meets with LIFT, LC members.

LIFT, LC now has over 110 active participants, all striving for the same goal: to make sure every Falcon feels loved, seen, and valued. As an extension of LIFT LC, Molly has also served with the Lincoln County Suicide Prevention task force and has spoken with several other community organizations as to how they can get involved.

If you would like to volunteer with the Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network, go to or email Mary Anne Christian,