Lincoln County native Mary Hannah Harris Bates, age 90, used seed from Elora’s Ogle Feed to grow a little piece of home in her Louisiana back yard. Mrs. Bates worked the ground, planted the seed and tends the cotton by herself.

While 90-year-old Mary Hannah Harris Bates may live hundreds of miles away from her native Lincoln County, she only has to look out her Louisiana door to see a piece of home.

Mrs. Bates grew up in the Blanche area of Lincoln County, and as one of seven children, she was no stranger to hard work in the cotton fields. While she has lived in Shreveport, La., for many years now, she recently asked her niece, Sharon Tate, who lives here, for help in getting a piece of “home”.

“She just wanted to grow some Tennessee cotton in Louisiana,” Sharon said.

Sharon obliged her beloved aunt by buying some seed at Ogle Feed in Elora and shipping it south.

“She always said you have to plant it on Good Friday,” Sharon said of her aunt. “She had her first bloom on the last day of June.”

Mrs. Bates, who will turn 91 on Aug. 15, worked the ground, planted the seed and is tending her fence row of cotton by herself, even offering up some growing tips with her pastor’s son, a cotton farmer there in Louisiana.

The retired nurse sent a picture of her Lincoln County cotton to her niece, who shared it with The Times, along with the message that she’s thankful to Ogle Feed and happy to have a little piece of Lincoln County within sight each day.

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