The Quatina M. Wolaver Foundation of Hope Scholarship Presented at RCA

Pictured left to right: Summer Allmon, McKenna Dillon and Dr. Laws Rushing.


Summer Allmon presented McKenna Dillon with a $1,000 check for The Quatina M. Wolaver Foundation of Hope Scholarship at Riverside Christian Academy. Summer’s sister, Quatina passed away after a short but hard-fought battle with ovarian cancer in 2017. Since then, Summer and her family have worked diligently to raise money and awareness for ovarian cancer. Kenna is the first Scholarship of Hope recipient at RCA. The scholarship is given in Quatina’s honor to a rising eighth-grade girl. RCA spokesperson Whitney Creasy said, “RCA’s administration is appreciative of the support that Summer and the Foundation of Hope have provided to Riverside students and their philanthropic work to help cancer patients.” Summer and McKenna are pictured here with Dr. Laws Rushing, RCA’s President.