“The King is Coming: God’s Plan for Mankind’ is the focus of a series of study being presented by the Coldwater United Methodist Church.

The series begins Monday, Dec. 3, with “The Lamb Is Coming”, followed by “The Bridegroom Is Coming” on Tuesday, Dec. 4, and “The King of Kings Is Coming” on Wednesday, Dec. 5. The presentations begins at 7 p.m. each evening.

At the heart of the study will be God’s 7,000-year plan to redeem mankind as presented in the Bible – through His inerrant word, presenters will teach from the scriptures on the creation of man; the source of all evil on the earth; our adversary Satan; the promised Messiah; the criticality of the virgin birth; the centrality of the Lamb of God; the bride of Christ; the rapture; Israel, the apple of God’s Eye; the Third Temple; the Gog and Magog War; the Seven-Year Peace Treaty; the antichrist; the Seven-Year Tribulation; the Wedding Feast; the Lion of Judah; Armageddon; the Millennial Kingdom; the Great White Throne Judgement; and our eternal fate.

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