Fireplace - David Golden

Dr. David Golden stands next to a unique fireplace constructed with rock and bricks from early Lincoln County schools that are no longer standing.  The Goldens had the fireplace built recently in their new home.                                                                                                                         

If old bricks could talk, what a story they could tell. Bricks and rocks from Lincoln County schools of yesteryear were recently incorporated into an amazing fireplace, preserving a little piece of history inside the new home of Dr. David and Mrs. Trace Golden. 

Dr. Golden, Principal of Flintville School, has his feet firmly planted in Flintville, having been raised there and attended Flintville Schools, he said he’s very loyal to the community. In the midst of COVID lockdowns, David and Trace began gathering ideas for a house they planned to build in Flintville. David was searching for designs for a unique fireplace and Trace’s gift of an subscription to David one birthday provided him with the tools to not only research his family’s roots, but ultimately led him to an idea for the fireplace they would build.