Ogles give

Even the youngest of David and Sherry Ogle’s grandchildren enjoy filling bags of fresh ears of sweet corn and giving them to members of community. Owners of D&J River Farms, with their son, Josh, and daughter-in-law, Julieanna, the family has been giving back to the community since 1991.

Blessing the community by giving out free sweet corn on the square in downtown Fayetteville has been a tradition for the Ogle family since 2001.

On Wednesday, the David and Sherry Ogle family brought two pickup truck loads of fresh corn to the Lincoln County Courthouse square to gift to anyone who wanted fresh ears of corn.

“We just like giving back to the community,” said Sherry, adding, “and it teaches the grandkids to give back.”

Eight of the Ogle’s 10 grandchildren, along with four of their friends, were on hand to give away the corn, while also having fun playing on the lawn between passersby.

“We like to show folks what we do,” said Josh, also noting that it teaches kids a good work ethic and “teaches them that it’s better to give than receive.”

David and Sherry Ogle have been farming since 1973. When one of David’s brothers retired, David’s son, Josh, and daughter-in-law, Julieanna, became partners in the D&J River Farms operation. The 5,000-acre farm in Vanntown produces primarily cotton, corn, soybeans and wheat.

Following the giveaway on the square, the Ogles planned to gift more corn to others in the community with whom they regularly do business.  Before the day was done, Josh estimated that they would give out at least 500 dozen ears of corn.

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