Several honorary and memorial donations have been made to the Fayetteville-Lincoln County Public Library during the months of September and October.

The library provides year-round opportunities to honor or memorialize friends and loved ones by simply filling in a form and making a donation. Please call the library at 433-3286 or drop by at 306 Elk Avenue North for more information or to make your donation.

Families of those being honored or memorialized receive notifications of contributions made to the library and by whom, as well as special thank yous to donors. Donations of this nature are typically used to purchase books for library circulation, unless special requests for other materials are made or other special circumstances exist.

Following are donations for September and October:

In memory of William C. Askew, by Don Wyatt; in memory of Sybil Rives Sumners, by Don Wyatt; in memory of Robert “Bob” W. Anderson, by Don Wyatt; in memory of Mrs. Willa Dean Lauruhn, by Don Wyatt;

In memory of Bobby Alder, by Linda Overton; in memory of Margarete Lane, by Alice Chapman; in memory of Jerry Parks Johnson, by Laura Kinkle; in memory of Larry Lane Groce, by Laura Kinkle; in memory of Jim Kidd, by Polly Anderson; in memory of Cathy Rae Taylor, by Addie Hodges;

In memory of Charles Brunswick, by Carol Astrid; in memory of Jack Richardson, by Don Wyatt; and in memory of Mrs. Clara Ralston Wolfhard, by Don Wyatt.

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