Imagination Library of Lincoln County’s “Invest in Our Children” campaign has risen to $10,775, said organizers Saturday, adding that donations are continuing to be accepted to fully fund the program for the remainder of 2020.

Now in its 15th year, the local Imagination Library affiliate is asking for your donations to help ensure that over 1,300 children across Lincoln County continue to benefit from the program.

The Imagination Library got its start in 2005 as a literacy program first enacted in Sevierville by Dolly Parton. It was so successful that the idea was taken to then governor Bill Bredesen as a public/private partnership between local affiliates and the State of Tennessee.

“Lincoln County is responsible for fundraising $15 per child to cover the cost of the book and mailing to the child’s home each month,” said Teresa Brown, treasurer of the Lincoln County Imagination Library, noting that the program serves children from birth to the age of 5. “The State of Tennessee provides the other half of the funding.”

Jena Gray is the Lincoln County database manager, she said, adding that Gray enters the names and addresses into the database. Parents are urged to communicate with the database if their address changes.

Once each month, Brown collects returned books from post offices within the county, returned because of address changes that are not reported.

“The database must be kept accurate so that the registered child can receive their books,” Brown said.

The Elk Valley Times prints a list a large donors, known as “Invest in Our Children” donors, as a way of recognizing those supporting the program. For $15, a donor can pay for one child to receive a book a month. There are currently over 1,300 Lincoln County children benefiting from the program.

Donations can be mailed to the Lincoln County Imagination Library at P.O. Box 914, Fayetteville, TN  37334.


Donations thus far

Bruce and Jennifer McVey, Tim and Susanna Gattis, Ernest Lynn Harrison, II, in memory of Annette F. Harrison, Anonymous in memory of Edna Young, the City of Fayetteville;

Edward and Teresa Johnson, Backstage Performing Arts, Fayetteville Middle School, Ralph Askins School, Book Inn, Kudzus, Ivy Wreath, South Lincoln School, Alpha Kappa Club, Linda Gentle, Ann Gracy, Dwight and Carolyn Caudle;

Good News Sunday School Class at ARP Church, Teresa Brown, Arden Humphrey, Celia and Tom Wallace, Judy and Steve Purinton, Paula Whitaker Whisenant, Usborne Books, Fayetteville Vendors Marketplace;

Askins Publishing Group, Bank of Lincoln County, Joseph and Mary Bomar, Jonathan C. Brown, William and Amy Edwards, Pat M. Fraley, Randall and Cindy Graham, Brooke and Amy Grubb, William M. Hamilton, Donna and David Hertha, Patricia Hopper, Marie Van Lantschoot, Michael and Melody Layne, Long’s Insulation, Edwin and Debbie McAlister, Richard and Deborah McFerrin, Camargo Bar-B-Q, Serendipity Farms, Rhonda Seitzinger, John and Gail Shutt;

William and Eda Tabor, Sue Teets, Shirley and Don Turpen, Martha Wolf, John and Nancy Glass, Barbara Cantrell, Laura C. Kinkle, Crawford Supply Co., Dr. Fredric H. Clark and Dr. Sheri L. Clark, Dr. Charles Kidd and Meghan M. Kidd, Jack and Peggy Minot, and Bill and Sue Priest.

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