LC grad awarded Auburn University Marching Band Presidential Scholarship

Evan Pollard


Evan M. Pollard, a 2020 graduate of Lincoln County High School, was awarded the Auburn University Marching Band Presidential Scholarship for the Fall 2020 marching season.  

Evan began playing the clarinet in sixth grade at Blanche Elementary under the direction of Mrs. Mary Ellen Hovik. While at Blanche, he auditioned and made the MTSBOA honor band, which is held annually on the MTSU campus, his seventh, eighth, and ninth grade years.

Based on his musical achievements, the LCHS band director at that time, Mr. Don Adams offered him a position marching with the high school band as an eighth grader, a position earned based on playing ability.

t the end of his freshman year in LCHS band system and a new director, Evan decided he did not want to participate anymore in the program with the direction the band was taking. Unfortunately, this meant he would not be able to audition for MTSBOA or have director recommendations for honor bands. Not to be defeated by just “getting by,” he decided to forge a new musical path. He continued to take lessons from Mrs. Liz Potter and found support from Mrs. Hovik.

Over the course of his high school career, Evan participated in the top wind ensembles for several Southeastern Conference Schools such as Auburn University, University of Mississippi, and the University of Alabama. In addition, he was invited multiples times to University of Tennessee-Knoxville for Single Reed Day. He also played in several local Wind Ensembles at the University of Alabama-Huntsville and Samford University, and in the off-season was a member of the Huntsville Youth Orchestra, Huntsville Concert Band, and the Madison Community Band.

Evan said he would like to thank Mrs. Mary Ellen Hovik, his middle school band director, who never left his side nor left him without the support to succeed as a professional musician. “Even though Mrs. Hovik moved on to another state to further her career, she still held dear those who loved music and those who had the desire to practice to become something special,” said Pollard.

“She went above and beyond the call of duty to overcome the end of Evan’s high school band experience,” said Pollard mother, Cynthia Pollard . 

“However, this still would not have been possible without the persistence of Mrs. Liz Potter, his private instructor. Mrs. Potter began working with Evan when he was in the seventh grade. She consistently pushed him to do better, to practice harder, and to raise the bar on his performances. With her help, his musical ability improved to the next level, so he was capable of competing with the best in the nation. It is hard to explain the impact these two women had on such a young musician,” said Pollard.

Pollard concluded, “One more thank you is to Mrs. Sandy Sorrells, assistant principal at LCHS, for her support in making sure Evan was cleared for all musical activities outside of LCHS.”