Flintville Volunteer Fire Rescue served as drop-off for school supplies


Flintville Volunteer Fire Rescue served as a drop-off for school supplies on the tax-free weekend. Collecting school supplies at the station helped stock the classrooms at Flintville Elementary School. These supplies are available to all students and greatly help those who do not have access to their school supplies. The focus for the donations were basic supplies, such as notebooks, paper, pencils, crayons, glue, erasers, folders, that students are always in need of.

“We wanted to help students at all grade levels and ensure they have access to all they need,” said Flintville Fire Captain and Lincoln County Assistant Fire Chief Crethton Caldwell.

The volunteers sorted through everything donated and coordinated with Flintville Principal David Golden to bring the supplies to the school to distribute to the classrooms.

 “We hope these donations help the students and teachers to have a great school year,” stated Caldwell, “We want to thank all who donated for their support of our community and Flintville Elementary School.”