Lincoln County Schools has announced that Flintville and South Lincoln schools will be fully virtual from November 30 through December 8, following Thanksgiving Break. The statement making this announcement is below.

"Flintville School and South Lincoln School go Virtual through December 8. Over the last several weeks we have seen a steady increase in COVID-19 cases and quarantines to staff and students alike across the district. Some schools have been impacted at a greater rate than others. We continue to closely monitor each school, grade level, and classroom on a case by case basis as we make decisions regarding in-person learning.

At this time we are making some temporary changes at two schools based on operational difficulties and a continued number of reported positive cases and resulting quarantines. The changes are as follows:

Flintville School and South Lincoln School- effective after Thanksgiving Break, Monday November 30th, Flintville School and South Lincoln School will go full virtual for every student. Students will be able to return to in-person learning on Tuesday December 8th. Teachers and staff who are not quarantined will report to work during this time and be available for communications with students and families. The schools will receive extra cleaning and sanitization during the Our stated goal during the COVID-19 pandemic is to offer as many in-person learning days for our students as possible while continuing to give parents the choice to go virtual at any time due to health and safety concerns and based on their individual situation."