Two feathered friends, dubbed “Penelope” and “Poofy”, were reunited recently as the result of some compassionate individuals.   

When two Lincoln County Health Department nurses, Jada Helums and Sharon Honea, saw an injured white duck at the Stone Bridge Memorial Park about two weeks ago, they sought medical attention for one of the park’s several resident water fowl.

One of Penelope’s legs was broken, swollen and infected. Seeing that Penelope couldn’t walk, Poofy faithfully remained at her side.

 “Once they caught the duck, they contacted the City of Fayetteville and let them know they would call a veterinarian,” said Kenneth Parker, who daily walks at the park and observed the rescue.

Dr. Stacy Smith performed surgery, wrapped the leg in a tiny cast and put Penelope on antibiotics – all services at no charge.

Penelope was liberated Wednesday and happily rejoined her feathered friend, Poofy, in the park.