Fayetteville City Schools appreciation emphasis spotlights bus drivers and maintenance staff


Fayetteville City Schools is emphasizing appreciation in the new school year. During this school year, students will use the overall theme of Game On! to appreciate and honor every group of school staff throughout this school year.

The Fayetteville Board of Education passed a resolution declaring September 17, 2020 as Bus Driver and Maintenance Staff Appreciation Day.

Bill W. Hopkins, Jr., director of Fayetteville City Schools, and the Fayetteville Board of Education recognize bus drivers and maintenance staff play a vital role in the success of the schools.

“We realize the importance of our bus drivers because they have a tremendous responsibility getting our students to and from school safely every day. Bus drivers are the first school employee to see many children every day. They can help to make sure their day starts in a pleasant and positive manner.

“Our maintenance staff work hard to ensure that our facilities run safely and efficiently. For that we are thankful and will honor them on their special day.”

Bus Driver Appreciation Day is one of eight days set apart throughout the year to honor school system employees as part of the Utrust Appreciation Program. The Utrust Appreciation Program promotes student leadership in recognizing the work of school employees and expressing appreciation to them for what they do.

Activities for each appreciation day are planned and led by student leadership teams in each school. These student leadership teams create an opportunity for learning and help in developing an attitude of gratitude among classmates. Schools participating in the Utrust Appreciation Program enjoy a better working and learning environment because the staff feel more appreciated.