Farm Bureau Announces Retirement Reception Honoring Nancy Hopson


The late 1970’s are remembered for many things: disco music, mood rings, polyester leisure suits and the beginning of Nancy Hopson’s career with Lincoln County Farm Bureau.  Long-time Farm Bureau secretary, Mildred Ramsey, was retiring and the late William Hamilton, Lincoln County Farm Bureau President, hired Mrs. Hopson to fill that position.

Mrs. Hopson has worked for past Farm Bureau presidents William Hamilton, Randy Ashby, Randy Whitehead and Glenn Varner, and for General Agents Jessie Floyd Monks, Glenn Oldham and Chris O’Connor, in a career that has spanned 41 years.  Many have come to know and appreciate Nancy’s hard work and dedication through her work with Farm Bureau and Farm Bureau Health Plans.

While Mrs. Hopson has always enjoyed working with Farm Bureau and serving the people of Lincoln County, she insists that the time has come for her to retire and focus here energies on her husband, Mike, her son, Tommy, daughter-in-law, Jenny and her six grandchildren.

To that end, Farm Bureau invites all those who would like to wish Mrs. Hopson well in her retirement to a come and go reception in her honor to be held on Friday, December 18th, from 10 AM until 2 PM at the Lincoln County Farm Bureau office at 210 Market Street East, Fayetteville, TN.