Dr. Janine Wilson, director of the Fayetteville City School System for the past 10 years, announced last week that she will retire at the end of the calendar year, Dec. 31.

“After 43 years in this business and 34 in administration, I’ve had a very successful and wonderful career, and 2020 will be my last year,” Wilson told school board members at the conclusion of their meeting Monday of last week. “On Dec. 31, 2020, I plan to retire.

“I love this system with all my heart and all the people in it and all the children,” she continued. “I want what’s best for everyone here … It’s time for me to go do some things I need to do. It’s time for someone else to take the lead.”

Wilson said she would gladly assist with the transition to a new director.

“I think I’ve given you plenty of time to choose my successor,” she said. “I hope you will choose someone who loves children.”

Wilson joined the city school system in 1999 and was assistant director of schools before being named director in 2010. She served as principal at Unity School and Petersburg School in the Lincoln County School System prior to joining city schools.

According to Jeff Whitmore, chairman of the school board, a work session will be held Friday to discuss the process the board will use to search for the next director of schools.

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