Fayetteville Public Utilities (FPU) Student Utility Board (SUB) spent their recent meeting learning about the telecommunications department and the services that are offered to customers.

The day included an overview given by Eric Reeves, telecom supervisor and technician, detailing how FPU entered the cable TV and internet business in 1998 and how telecom services have expanded and changed since then. Reeves explained that FPU now offers digital phone service through its internet access, how FPU is working to bring internet into more rural communities and the high cost of expansion. Reeves went on to speak about the shift from the older analog to digital channels that has taken place in the cable industry over the last several years.

“FPU works extremely hard to make sure customers have access to reliable broadband internet, TV and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service,” said SUB member Hailie Moore.

Reeves also specified that, with advancing technology, much of FPU’s new telecom construction is offered as fiber installations to homes and businesses. Students received a close-up view of fiber optics and a hands-on experience splicing fiber cable.

“It was very interesting learning everything that goes into getting internet, cable and VoIP phone service to the customers,” said SUB member Alyssa Hampton. “I really enjoyed the hands on experience with splicing fiber.”

The Student Utility Board will meet in March to tour FPU’s water treatment facility and learn how water from the Elk River is treated and distributed to homes and businesses in the community.

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