Smith highlights

Carman Smith (at left), supervisor with the Lincoln County School System, is welcomed to the meeting of the Lincoln County Retired Teachers by Norma Bradford, president.

The Retired Teachers of Lincoln County met at Shoney’s Restaurant on Thursday, Sept. 12, with 16 people present.

Members enjoyed a delicious lunch.

President Norma Bradford began the meeting by thanking Joe Young and Sandy Williams for the notices in the paper and on the radio announcing our meeting so all members will know when and where we meet. We really appreciate their support.

Martha Wolf read the minutes of the June meeting. They were approved as read.

Will Locke gave the treasurer’s report. We have 29 members, and our scholarship money is sufficient for this year.

President Bradford then gave a short report that came out from the National Education Association entitled “Facts About Education”.

She reported that in Tennessee teachers spend $421 a year for supplies for their classroom. New trends in education indicate that interest in Charter Schools is decreasing. Many teachers are protesting the pay scale of teachers. Virtual reality is becoming popular in some school systems. There is an increase in trauma sensitive issues with children. Of course, there is a major concern for safety of teachers and children in the classrooms of today.

President Bradford then introduced our speaker, Carman Smith. She is presently working as the safety director for the district and is the supervisor of Coordinated School Health. She works with Lincoln County Schools. She has had many safety awards and works with 11 surrounding counties. She is also Sue Priest’s daughter.

In 2007, the Coordinated School Health program for students in Tennessee was established. There are eight components of Coordinated School Health. They are Comprehensive School Health Education for grades k-12, physical education and activity, nutrition services, school health services, school counseling, healthy and safe school environment, student, family and community involvement in schools and health promotion for school staff.

Carman is in charge of many areas of safety which include a school safety plan and a district safety plan. She addresses the issue of bullying. She has a nurse in place in every school. She has made sure there is a school counselor to help children and a social worker has been hired. She also addresses the P.E. program and physical activities for children.

She works with family community involvement. She makes sure the nutrition program is improving. Carman works closely with SROs in each school and with local emergency agencies.

Two serious problems with our schools today are vaping and sexting. These issues are serious, and if not addressed early, students will become seriously ill from vaping and if caught sexting, convicted as a sex offender for the rest of their lives.

Carman has a very important job, and we are glad she is working with our schools in our community.

Norma Bradford thanked Carman for a very informative talk and the meeting adjourned.

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