Lincoln County students now have a new option for lunch!

Upon returning from fall break, students at Lincoln County High School now have the opportunity to step outside and grab a breath of fresh air while grabbing lunch – thanks to the new “Culinary Creations Food Trailer”, hosted by Lincoln’s SFE (Southwest Foodservice Excellence) foodservice program.

The new food trailer serves a daily menu of trendy lunch options that still are compliant with all state and federal nutrition requirements. Featured menu items range from street tacos to meatball subs, and the menu choices will continue to expand as food trailer popularity grows.

There is no special or additional charge to students who choose to eat lunch at the Culinary Creations trailer; cost is the same at the trailer as it is at the inside cafeteria for each student. In addition, once construction on the new courtyard area at LCHS is complete next year, students also will be able to enjoy their lunches while dining outdoors.

The Culinary Creations trailer is scheduled to visit all of the district’s K-8 schools on a rotating basis so that younger students can take advantage of the unique lunch opportunity, as well.

“Lincoln County School Nutrition is working to transform school lunch by offering students new options and opportunities to dine,” said School Nutrition Liaison Spring Brindley. “We are working to be student centered and to give our customers something nontraditional during lunch.  In an effort to accomplish this, we have started ‘Lucky Tray Day’, seasonal menus and student taste tests. In the future, we also are planning to offer ‘Flaming Grill’ days, as well as a coffee cart at LCHS.”

These opportunities are possible through the district’s close partnership with their foodservice management company, Southwest Food Excellence (SFE), a K-12 foodservice company known for its focus on fresh-from-scratch cooking, its wide variety of menu choices and its committed onsite support.

In addition to providing students with a delicious, trendy meal option, the new food trailer also offers a great opportunity for Culinary Arts students who are interesting in getting practical work experience.  Currently, Culinary Arts 3 student, Ryan Christa, is assisting with the Culinary Creations trailer, where he is learning about the world of foodservice and its on-trend entrepreneurial opportunities. Ryan plans to open his own restaurant someday, and his exposure to the day to day operational activities like those essential in managing the Culinary Creations food trailer will be invaluable in preparing him for future success.

To stay up to speed on exact hours and locations for each school campus, please check next month for additional information at the Lincoln County School Nutrition Department or your school’s Facebook page.   

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