Mountaire Farms, RCA partner to sell 40,000 pounds of chicken

Volunteers prepare to distribute almost 1,000 cases, or 40,000 pounds of chicken, as part of a special event involving Mountaire Farms and Riverside Christian Academy.

Mountaire Farms and Riverside Christian Academy partnered to bring a truckload of fresh chicken tenders and leg quarters to consumers in Lincoln County at an affordable price of $1 or less per pound.

The sale was an innovative way to help all parties involved during the COVID-19 pandemic, officials said. Mountaire Farms was able to sell some of the surplus of chicken they had due to a large number of restaurants being closed, the people in our community benefited because they were able to buy chicken at an affordable price and fill their freezers, and RCA will be able to help relieve some of the financial burden of their families whose jobs have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic with the funds that were raised.

Almost 1,000 cases or 40,000 pounds of chicken was sold in less than a week in the school’s online store platform.

RCA’s administration expressed its appreciation to Mountaire for the opportunity to host this sale, to the volunteers who helped worked the pickup event, and the families who supported the sale.

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