Motlow offers HiSET

Motlow State will administer the High School Equivalency Test (HiSET™) several times throughout 2020.

Test locations will be on the Fayetteville, Smyrna, and Moore County campuses.

Individuals interested in taking the HiSET™ must register online at or by calling 855-694-4739. Applicants should contact the Adult Education Center in their community for information on preparation classes and vouchers.

Test-takers must present a government issued picture identification, confirmation of registration, and an Eligibility for Enrollment Form, if applicable. The test is available in both computer and paper-based format.

For more information, visit the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development website or Motlow’s website

A high school diploma remains the primary ticket to many entry-level jobs. It is also generally the prerequisite for advancement in employment, occupational training, and postsecondary education. The high school equivalency diploma provides adults with the opportunity to grow, whether it is through further education, enhanced employment, or stature within the community.      

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