MMC rolls

Martin Methodist College (MMC) is rolling out a new tuition plan, giving half tuition grants to residents in southern Middle Tennessee.

 “We’re proud to offer this tuition grant program to our Middle Tennessee families, making a private college education even more affordable and, in most cases, cheaper than the larger state schools,” said Director of Admissions Tyler Cox. “This is an exciting time for Martin Methodist because we are a place of opportunity, and now more students can achieve their goal of getting their bachelor’s degree without cost being a deciding factor.”

For almost 150 years, MMC has been providing students with a quality education, equipping them with a broad knowledge base, the capacity to think critically, the ability to communicate clearly and the depth to solve complex problems, said Cox. These skills are extremely important in the global interconnectedness of today’s job market. In fact, study results from the Council of Independent Colleges indicated 93 percent of employers valued these traits over specific job training.

To learn more about MMC or to apply, contact the Office of Admissions by calling (931) 363-9868 or by emailing

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