Gay Dempsey, chairman of the Lincoln County Education Foundation, meets with representatives of LeanStream, a company that specializes in providing an online fundraising platform for schools. The platform will be used in the upcoming fundraising drive, “GivingDAYS”, planned Oct. 27 through Nov. 2.

The Lincoln County Education Foundation is committed to supporting the teachers and schools of Lincoln County and is excited to announce a new way for friends of Lincoln County Schools to join them.

“GivingDAYS” will be held Oct. 27 through Nov, 2. It is web-based and features online giving to specific needs.

“The program is called LeanStream,” explained Dr. Bill Heath, director of Lincoln County Schools, “and it gives our community a new way – a 21st century way – of supporting our schools.” 

Several months ago, every teacher in the Lincoln County School System was given the opportunity to request a need for the classroom or the school. The Lincoln County Education Foundation board read through all the requests and chose approximately 20 needs for the first-ever “GivingDAYS.”  The “needs” are laid out like a menu, and individuals or businesses can decide which need they want to support and donate with a few clicks.

The foundation chose needs that would not be covered by the normal budget and include STEM supplies, classroom and library transformations, fine art needs and much more.

Gay Dempsey, chair of the foundation explains, “We were looking for a quick and easy way to both tell the community about what the teachers and the schools need and to give them a chance to support programs or activities that are important to them. We have such a generous and supportive community, and we wanted to give them a way to support things they are passionate about and to know exactly how their donations are being used. This new program does both, and all donations are tax deductible.”

Giving is quick and easy,” she said. Lincoln County Schools will place a “GIVE” button on its website and clicking on that will take users to the webpage. Donors can also go straight to the site by going to bit.ly/onelcGIVES. From there, users can click on the “Needs Gallery” to pick a specific need to support.

The foundation will be providing more information about the initiative in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, the site, which is up and running already, can be accessed at http://bit.ly/onelcGIVES.

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