Lee Corso, Kirk Herbstreit, and Desmond Howard need to start looking over their shoulder, because a future ESPN sports journalist is growing up right here in Flintville. His name is Brandon Hudson, and by the age of 13, he has already had his own radio show and school sportscenter show.

Brandon Hudson is currently an eighth grade student at Flintville School where he has always attended school. We had the opportunity to sit and talk with Brandon and discuss how his interest in sports broadcasting began.

He told us that his love for sportscasting actually began when he had the opportunity to meet a guy who was in charge of the broadcasters of the NASCAR races he always attends. This gentleman took Brandon on a tour of the garage, and he was completely enthralled with sportscasting after that.

As most of us already know, Brandon has had his own NASCAR radio show on WYTM 105.5 FM since he was 9-years-old. We asked Brandon how he got started with his own show, and he said, “When I was 9 years old (four years ago), I was at the Flintville Music Festival, and the guy who does the radio show started talking to me about NASCAR. He said I knew a lot and asked me to start coming, so I did.”

Since that time four years ago, Brandon’s sportscasting experience has grown tremendously. Brandon can now be seen every Thursday at Flintville giving play-by-play commentating during football games. We asked him about that experience, and he said, “Our school leaders came up to me about the idea. I thought it was a great way to tell everyone about the game.”

One of Brandon’s favorite things to do for Flintville School is the Bobcats Sportscenter where he shares scores, predictions, and his thoughts about games in multiple sports through the school’s YouTube channel.

Brandon Hudson is definitely a great young with a very bright future. To know a little more about him, Brandon says his favorite ESPN Sportscenter broadcasters are Kirk Herbstreit, Darrell Waltrip, Jeff Burton, and Dale Earnhardt, Jr., and his favorite teams and racers are Alabama, Denver Broncos, LA Lakers, and Denny Hamlin.

He also wants to be a Sportscenter journalist one day or maybe a NASCAR crew chief. You can listen to his radio broadcast every Saturday morning around 7:20 a.m. on WYTM.

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