Newly painted murals on the walls of the South Lincoln School Library are sparking the imaginations of students there, thanks to Lincoln County High School art teacher Jennie Roles-Walter and art intern Emma Womble.

“Our library has always been a warm and welcoming environment, but with Jennie Roles-Walter and LCHS student Emma Womble, it has become THE place to be,” said Jennifer Turpen, principal at South Lincoln. “‘The ‘imagination’ scene in the corner has the students captivated. Seeing the joy on their faces is what it is all about!

“And the quote on the ‘wheels and cogs’ scene is thought-provoking, especially for our middle school students coming in for STEM activities,” she added. “We are so thankful to have resources like these artists bringing culture to our students.”

South Lincoln Librarian Hilary Hardin was also thrilled with the murals.

“I am so very excited about these murals,” Hardin said. “The kids absolutely love studying the characters and books represented in artwork. Every time I look at it, I see something I hadn’t noticed before.

“I’ve wanted something on this big blank wall for such a long time,” she added. “I never imagined it would be this beautiful. Having LCHS art guru, Jennie Roles-Walters and the talented Miss Emma Womble take over the project was just the right move.”

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