Fayetteville City Schools earned a top composite score for student growth over the year, according to an accountability snapshot presented to the school board during its September meeting.

Cindy Young, curriculum supervisor, presented a districtwide overview, noting that the system overall earned the Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System (TVAAS) Level 5 composite. TVAAS measures student growth year over year.

“As a district this year, our TVAAS growth measure was a Level 5 composite,” Young told board members. “We’re very, very proud of that. We also ranked eighth in the state for improvement in third through fifth grade science.”

Highlighting Fayetteville High School, Young noted that the school had a TVAAS Level 3 composite, as well as Level 3 literacy, numeracy and science – “This means the kids moved a full year’s growth,” she said.

“Fayetteville High School exceeded the state proficiency level in two subject areas, high school English and high school science,” Young added.

A total of 30 graduates met the Ready Graduate criteria this year based on ACT composite scores of 21 or above. Moving forward, Young said, more students will meet the criteria as not only the ACT score will be used but also completion of four early postsecondary opportunities (EPSOs) or completion of two EPSOs and an industry certification or completion of two EPSOs and earning a score of military readiness on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB).

“For this year, it was just children who scored above 21 on the ACT,” she explained of the criteria to meet Ready Graduate. “When you have 30 of 86 graduates (score above 21), that’s pretty good.”

Fayetteville Middle School had a TVAAS Level 5 composite, a Level 4 literacy and Level 3 numeracy – “That means science was really out the roof because it brought that up overall to a Level 5,” Young explained. “One subject, science, exceeded the state quite significantly.”

According to Young, math is an area of focus at FMS for the 2018-19 school year.

Ralph Askins School is a Level 5 composite, Level 3 literacy and Level 5 numeracy. A push to reduce chronic absenteeism has paid off, Young noted, noting absenteeism is another component of the report card.

“Ralph Askins has substantially reduced chronic absenteeism,” she said, noting that’s a tough goal to meet considering younger children often catch numerous viruses and bugs in the early grades. “We’ve cut in half chronic absenteeism rate, which is actually very amazing.

“We also have Tennessee Early Literacy and Read to Be Ready going on (at Askins),” she noted. “We’re working really hard over there to align our curriculum to address our reading and math needs.”

Additionally, she noted, “Tapping with Tiles”, a new phonics program for continuity across grades, is being implemented and has been well received by teachers – “The teachers are excited, and we think that will have a huge impact on our reading scores.”

After Young’s report, Dr. Janine Wilson, director of schools, commended teachers, staff, students and parents on the accomplishment of earning a Level 5 composite.

“We’re very proud of our system scoring a 5,” Wilson said. “That means everybody contributed to that. That’s a great accomplishment.”

“Our teachers are working very hard, and we’re thankful we’re showing that growth,” Young added. “It’s a great day to be a Tiger.”

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