When Drew Young bought land in the Petersburg area in 1993 with plans for establishing the Circle Y Farm, it wasn’t his intention to raise hogs. “We started with cattle and horses, and got into hogs by accident,” said Drew, a criminal justice teacher at Fayetteville High School and part-time deputy for the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department.

Drew and Tori Ogle were married in July 1994, and although Drew’s experience on a farm was limited to what his uncles taught him, Tori, a seasoned Ralph Askins Elementary School teacher, grew up on a farm and as a youth learned a lot about farming. Several years later Drew bought some pigs in an effort to seal a pond on the farm. But when their young children saw the pigs, they asked to show them through their 4-H program. “We started with different breeds and now have Hereford hogs,” said Drew. “It’s been a learning process.

Principal Whitenack kisses a pig.JPG

Tonja Whitenack, Ralph Askins School principal kisses a Hereford piglet raised on Circle Y Farm during a “Kiss the Pig” fundraiser for Ralph Askins School.

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