Alpha Kappa Club

Hostesses for Alpha Kappa Club’s February meeting, held in the Family Life room at First Baptist Church, were (from left) Joan Ward, Cindy Tinney, Melanie Robinson, Arden Humphrey and Sally Phillips.

The Alpha Kappa Club held its monthly meeting Thursday, Feb. 7, in the Family Life room at First Baptist Church. Sally Phillips, Cindy Tinney, Melanie Robinson, Arden Humphrey and Joan Ward were hostesses.            

President Teresa Brown called the meeting to order and led members in reading The Collect. She reminded members of the purpose of Alpha Kappa, as contained in the club’s constitution, which is to “promote good citizenship and interest in literature.”

Treasurer Melody Layne reported that the dues will be increased by $10 for each member, which will help offset operating costs and memorials.

“We need to make sure all our bases are covered,” she added.

All 21 members present voted in favor of the increase.

At the November meeting, a proposed change to the club’s bylaws regarding fundraising was presented, and discussion was forthcoming. Suggestions were made to revise some of the wording for better clarity. The newly-revised proposal was read by Arden Humphrey, who was filling in as secretary in the absence of Reba Seals, and will be presented at the March meeting for first reading.

President Brown announced that Kitty Marsh and Joan Ward will serve as co-chairs of the Fund Raising Committee, with Amy Grubb, Linda Gentle, Melody Layne, Cindy Tinney, Judy Puriton, Melanie Robinson, Leslie Price, Jill Rael and Tara as other appointed members. However, members are committee associates by virtue of club membership. The new fundraiser will take the place of the Home Tour. The Home Tour, held during the annual Host of Christmas Past, will be tabled for at least two years.

After the club’s business concluded, Arden Humphrey gave a report on Mary Higgins Clark’s “Mount Vernon Love Story: A Novel of George and Martha Washington” that was originally published in 1968. Mostly recognized as a writer of suspense novels, Mary Higgins Clark wrote this extensively researched biographical novel that was first titled “Aspire to the Heavens”. The story was rejected 40 times, only to be published in a Chicago magazine that paid Clark $100.

The long-out-of-print first novel was renamed, and, according to Humphrey, “can be read in an evening.” The bestselling author shares the bond between George and Martha Washington in a story that is “charming, insightful and immensely entertaining.” George referred to Martha as Patsy, and she called him, “my dear old man.”

After the book review, members enjoyed delicious “Paula Deen” Red Velvet Cake, made by Cindy Tinney, Valentine’s candy, nuts, punch, water and/or coffee. A ruby red vase showcased a beautiful floral arrangement and red letters spelling “LOVE” made for a colorful centerpiece.

The club will meet on March 7, at which time new officers will be presented by the nominating committee.

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