Lincoln County High School is reaching out to alumni from Lincoln County bands.

“We would like to display what our alumni are doing now and how band has had an impact on their life,” said Johnathan Johnson, LCHS band director. “I believe it is a very important part of our jobs as teachers to show students the importance of hard work and discipline. I would like to share some of the stories of alumni from the area who were in band or went to Lincoln County schools who have taken things they learned in school and applied them in their lives.”

Alumni are asked to email John with the following information: when and where they attended school, what did they play or do, and what are they doing now, as well as how did band have an impact on them, then and now.

“Any and all information can stay anonymous if they want to include that on the email,” he added.

Emails should be sent to or you can call 433-6505. It should be noted that this week, Oct. 8-12, is fall break so school offices will be closed then.