Seventy-five people made their way to the Booneville Community Center on June 29 to celebrate Booneville Homecoming Day with family, friends and new friends.

Yes, there were lots of tasty dishes to eat and enjoy. Felicia McNatt Dickey and Lynette Logan Carter welcomed each smiling face with a positive greeting and got their names and addresses.

Lisa and Rodger Dorney, along with Linda and Charles Ray McGee, were also at the door to greet each person who came to help with their food. Rachel Simmons brought a delicious Kahlua Cake.

A blessing over the meal was given by Bobby McNatt of Gimlet Creek Road, and a moment of silence was observed by Mike Ingle of Anniston, Ala., for the ones who have passed away.

It was fun to watch old and young eat corn-on-the-cob, green beans and squash. Many ladies brought food from their gardens. Nanette Faulkner Taylor brought her family from Spring Hill. Mike and Michelle Ingle of Anniston had a table full of family around them, including his mother, Linda Ingle.

Sharon and Bobby McNatt were glad to have Ray and Wendell and children with them. Megan and Seth Smith brought their three children, Ty, Lilly and Belle.

When the meal was finished, an auction was called by Charles Ray McGee, with help from Rodger Dorney and Bobby McNatt. The money from the auction helps to support the upkeep of the Booneville Community Center, along with insurance, utilities, mowing, cleaning and supplies.

Special thanks to Lisa and Rodger Dorney, Sharon and Bobby McNatt, Linda and Charles Ray McGee, Linda Ingle, Lynette and Jerry Carter, Ed Smith, Felicia McNatt Dickey, Becky and Donny Patterson, Gayla Patterson Moore and Christine Groce for all their support to make this Homecoming Day a success.”

The first Saturday of every month a potluck supper is held and bluegrass music is played at the Booneville Community Center. There are a few rules to follow: no drinkin’, no dancin’, no smokin’, and no cussin’ allowed – just come and have fun, food and fellowship.

The next get-together will be Aug. 3 at 6 p.m.

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