Long-time Blanche resident and former Fayetteville business owner, A.D. McLemore, has announced the publication of his first novel, “The Heart Matters: Book 1 – The Story of Ez and Al.”

“It’s part of my retirement therapy,” said McLemore. “I’ve been writing this off and on for about 20 years, and I can finally call it finished. It’s classified as a romance novel, but it can be read multiple ways. It explores exactly what men think when dealing with women as well as basic men and women relationships, but actually, it’s really just a fun story about relationships.”

In the 1980’s, McLemore moved to Lincoln County, the area where his parents grew up. Born and raised in Nashville, his youth was spent as a Nashville musician. He spent almost 42 years on the road as a technical service engineer coupled with six years as president and chief financial officer of Almac, Inc., in Fayetteville but recently had the opportunity to retire early and pursue writing.

As this is Book 1, there are two more books in “The Heart Matters” series planned for the not-to-distant future.

“I promise,” McLemore said, “it won’t take me another 20 years to complete the next volumes. Book 2 is almost complete, and Book 3 is outlined, so hopefully it won’t be too long.”

There is also a short story, not related to the series, entitled “Raggedy, I Hate Cats?”, scheduled for release this summer. It’s a touching story directed toward anyone who loves their pets, he said.

The first book is currently available on Amazon.com in eBook and paperback versions. More about McLemore can be found at the website, amazon.com/author/admclemore.

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