Bank of Lincoln County loves the furry friends at Fayetteville-Lincoln County Humane Society. Our community includes animals! The Humane Society has continually helped with saving the lives of thousands of animals including a more recent animal hoarding situation in which numerous animals were living in vile conditions and needed to be rescued.

“Several of the dogs that we introduced to the BOLC family were the result of a recent hoarding situation where over 125 animals were confiscated. Many are breed specific dogs that require special care. We are used to the rough and tumble mixed breeds that comprise most of our pups”, said Cindy Kite, President of the Humane Society.

BOLC donated blankets, food, bleach, bowls etc. and a monetary donation of $2,500. All things that the shelter uses daily.

Michaela Fulkerson, Marketing Director said, “There are so many ways you can be a part of a community and I believe that sometimes our furry companions are overlooked. The shelter finds loving homes for strays and helps take care of them until they find a forever home. My very first pet was a shelter dog and he provided so much love and companionship until his final days.”