Jonathan C. Brown, Attorney

Because you’re concerned about the future of your family, you’ll want to make sure your assets are passed down to them without complications. If you hire the right estate planning attorney, many decisions can be made for you.

Some, but not all, questions you should ask to help you find the right estate planning attorney are below.

How long will it take you to complete my estate planning project?  While there’s normally no rush, you’ll want to avoid the probate process. 

Do you quote a fixed price after reviewing my estate planning project?  Hopefully, the answer will be yes. You’ll want a fixed price--if the charges are hourly, it could make you a little nervous.

  Will you be able to assist me with funding my assets into a revocable living trust? Not all estate planning attorneys will help fund a trust.

Will you send estate planning documentation for me to review?

Do you offer a formal updating and maintenance program? This is important since there may be changes to laws and taxes, and to your life.

If any unexpected issues come up that are indirectly related to my estate will you be able to help me?

How do we avoid the probate process? The probate process is expensive and time consuming.

Asking an estate planning attorney these questions should give you a lot of information to help you decide whether they are the best option for you and your family.

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