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When you are injured in an automobile accident you need to protect yourself legally. You must preserve critical evidence, meaning physical evidence and recollections of witnesses and involved parties. These are crucial items for establishing the liability of the negligent parties for proving the nature, extent and causation of injuries.

When critical evidence such as proof of liability and damages has been preserved it becomes easier to settle a personal injury case, and easier to settle the case at maximum value. The critical evidence becomes even more important if the personal injury case goes to trial.

Following the accident and exchanging of insurance and driver’s license information, there are several more tips to follow to ensure you have maximized your potential for recovery through evidence preservation.

First, call law enforcement to report the automobile accident. Then make sure you copy down the license plate number of the other vehicle involved – the person driving may not own the car.  Take pictures of all angles of your vehicle and the other vehicle, as well as the surrounding area and roadway, as soon as possible. Be sure to get a copy of the accident report.  Take photos of your injury or injuries of others in your vehicle to preserve the state of the injury at the time of the accident. Get the name, address and phone number of any witness that saw the accident. Finally, get a medical exam and documentation from your physician.

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