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Distracted driving caused nearly 25,000 accidents resulting in death, injury and damage to property in Tennessee in 2016. In spite of statewide campaigns to spread the word about distracted driving facts and its dangers, Tennessee accident rates remain high.

In Tennessee, transportation authorities define distracted driving as operating a vehicle while some, or all of the driver’s attention is diverted from the road. Three types of distracted driving can lead to tragedy.

Visual distractions take place when a driver takes his or her eyes off the road, whether to read a text, check a GPS map or to check something interesting spotted along the roadway.

Cognitive distractions occur when motorists allow themselves to focus on something other than their driving, such as other passengers in their vehicle, thinking about work or stressful relationships.

Manual distractions take place when drivers remove their hands from the steering wheel to hold food or beverages, manipulate electronic devices or search for an item.

All of these types of distractions are dangerous, but cell phone use is especially risky while driving, since it involves at least two, and sometimes all three distractions.

Avoid being distracted while driving by setting cell phones aside and avoid using them while driving or pull over to a safe place to take a call or text, or connect the phone to a hand’s free device. Pre-set GPS devices before driving and secure personal belongings to make sure they are within easy reach.

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