Want to go on a Bear Hunt?

A large stuffed bear lounges among the tulips and valentines in the window of Bagley & Bagley Insurance on the north side of the Fayetteville square. The bear is just one of many children can expect to see around town if they go on a Bear Hunt.

Bears are cropping up everywhere in Fayetteville – that’s right, bears!

With many parents looking for activities to keep their children entertained, particularly in this time of social distancing, a good Bear Hunt might be the perfect answer!

It all started here in Fayetteville with Jennifer Swindall of Carter’s Drug Store searching creative ideas from news stories online. What about a Bear Hunt, she thought as she landed on the idea. It’s an activity based on the children’s book, “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury.

“It gives kids something to do,” said Swindall Friday, noting that she placed a bear in one of the windows of Carter’s Drug Store, posted it on the store’s Facebook page, and very quickly, other local businesses and residences began following suit. “We’re encouraging businesses like us on the square and those who live in neighborhoods throughout the city and county to put a teddy bear in their windows.”

The idea is that while you’re out on a walk, bike ride, or car ride, your kids can be looking for bears in the windows of places as they go along – “With kids out of school and so many families social distancing, this a great way to get out of the house … It’s something families can do without interacting with others.”

The kids and their parents can count the number of bears they see, take a photo of one and post it to Carter’s page, with a caption telling where all they found them.

Since announcing the idea on Tuesday, bears have been popping up across town, and some businesses have also had a lot of fun with the idea. Bagley & Bagley Insurance, on the north side of the square, has a huge bear lounging in the window of their business. From Dragonfly Gallery and Design, The Local Café, Kudzu’s Antiques & Gifts, to Chestnut Ridge Academy, more bears are appearing daily. Even homes along Mulberry Avenue, Liberty Road and other areas have gotten in on the act.  

Parents can also teach their children the lyrics of the song, by the same title of the book, which can be found through a Google search.

Happy hunting!

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