Winners of Fair's

Ryleigh Dunn on her Quarter Horse Dakota leads the field on her way to a first-place finish in the Lincoln County Residents’ Race at last week’s Fair. Taking second is Jedidiah English, aboard Bones, and coming in third is Charles Ventress on Oakley.

Sunday, Sept. 8, was a beautiful, sunny day for the 115th Lincoln County Fair. The Quarter Horse, pony and mule races were the main event of the day.  In front of a full grandstands, local horsemen and those from surrounding states vied for fastest horse and best rider. 

The day’s races started with three classes of youngsters on stick horses. These were determined young children ages 3-7.  The races started and ended in front of the grandstands where the children were cheered on by the day’s crowd, consisting of proud parents and grandparents.  Each participant received a coupon for a free ice cream cone. In addition, just before the races, a fine group of miniature horses organized by Jennifer Gunn paraded in front of the grandstands.

The first Quarter Horse race, the eighth-mile race, saw three competitors, and three winners.  First place was won by Marci Brockman of Petersburg on Lexi, a 19-year-old mare. Second place went to Kelsie Hannah of Loretto on Oreo, an 11-year-old gelding. Amber Broyhill of Leoma brought up third place on Titan, a 7-year-old gelding.

In the quarter-mile race, local horsewoman Leanne English Keller won first place after winning her heat and the final on Oak Link, a 9-year-old gelding. This was their third year in a row to win this race. Second place went to Beau Bradbeer, an Australian woman who travelled from Georgia to compete in our fair. Her horse was a fast 10-year-old buckskin named Johnny.  Amber Broyhill of Leoma came in third on Cookie, a 10-year-old mare.

As the quarter mile race contestants were cooling down after the first two heats, the crowd was treated to two interesting first-time features at the Lincoln County Fair. First was a dinosaur race in front of the grandstands. Then the crowd was treated to a demonstration of a trail horse obstacle course.  Three horses and riders, members of the Lincoln County Horseman’s Association and trained and coached by Ronald Pearson, treated the grandstand crowd to a demonstration of the skills and discipline required to compete in this class.  The horses were asked to calmly go through and over several obstacles placed on the track and to allow a rider to open and close a gate while on horseback. The club meets at the local 4-H Horseshow grounds on the Lewisburg Highway on the second Saturday of the month, April through October each year. The riders featured Sunday were 11-year-old Brooke Biles, Jeanne Pearson, Ronald’s wife, and Kristin Regula, all amateur horsewomen of the local club.

The Lincoln County Residents’ Race, always a local favorite, was won by Ryleigh Dunn of Taft on Dakota, an 8-year-old mare. Jedidiah English came in second on Bones, another 8-year-old mare. Third place went to Charles Ventress on Oakley, an 8-year-old gelding.

The Dinner Bell Derby saw three mare and foal contestants. First place went to Bailey’s Red Oak Bar and 3-month-old colt, Sunny, owned by Jedidiah and Crystal English. Second place went to Spirit and Pearl, a 6-month-old filly, owned by Wayne and Cheri Pitcock and their son, Jerry Sloan Pitcock.  The third place duo of Moon Pie and Chloe, a 3-month-old filly, rounded out the competition. They are owned by Buddy English. Leanne English Keller helped in presenting them for the contest. 

The final race of the day was the mule race.  As in previous years, it was entertaining as the anchor race of the day.  Veteran Kenny Thompson on 19-year-old Jacob won the half-mile race. Sadie Floyd of Dunnville, Ky., took second on Little Maggie, an 8-year-old mare. Leanne English Keller came in third on an 11-year-old gelding named Joe Talley.                             

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