New board

A new game made exclusively about the Fayetteville area, “FAYETTEVILLE-OPOLY”, has hit the local Walmart shelves.

“Created and released in 2019, the game showcases favorite landmarks and most well-known parts of Fayetteville,” says Michael Schulte, marketing manager for Late for the Sky Production Co., producer of the new game.

FAYETTEVILLE-OPOLY games are made in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Late for the Sky started in 1985 by making licensed, collegiate board games with a property trading theme. The company has no affiliation with Hasbro, the makers of Monopoly® and does not use any of its protected trademarks.

“We research several cities and communities around Tennessee to make a very localized game about a specific area,” said Schulte, one of the owners of Late for the Sky.

“We always make sure that the locals love their town before we take on a project. We try to make the content as authentic as possible,” Schulte, continued. “Naturally, Walmart likes to connect to their local customers, and everyone appreciates the fact that the games are made in the USA. Several other Tennessee cities are on the drawing board for development and manufacturing.”

The games retail for $19.98 and sell quickly.

“The store manager is watching the supplies closely, so if they are sold out today, you can be certain more are already on the way,” Schulte said.

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