Details for The personal property of the following units will be sold


The personal property of the following units will be sold by Watts-N-Storage of Tullahoma beginning December 7, 2018 on We will stop taking bids on December 19, 2018. Please meet the property manager at 1001 N Washington Street to redeem purchased units.

Unit 5S- Brittany Luttrell Unit 239S- Hilary Tayes Unit 13S- Camie Chilton Unit 284S- John Chadwell

Unit 70S- Lisa Freas Unit 304S- Samuel Sells Unit 79S- Helen Oliver Unit 396S- Katie Prasser Unit 83S- Connie Divens Unit 406S- Chelsea Greenway Unit 87S- Steve Whaley Unit 423S- Andy Jones

Unit 96S- Tony Arnold Unit 451S- Terry Lillie Unit 134S- TJ Willis Unit B88S- John Spaugh Unit 484S- Eric Warden Unit B83S- Heather & Dominique Williams Unit 537S- Zack Cook Unit B73S- Mindy Pendergrast Unit 568S- Donna Branscum Unit B11S- Jeremy Doty Unit 233S- Helen Oliver Unit B39S- Samantha Cross Unit B77S- Miranda Barkve Unit B92S- Cruz Porras Unit B66S- Brian Gortney For additional information call (931) 455-3888 or (423) 596-0194 HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!


of Tullahoma

1001 N Washington St

Tullahoma, TN 37388