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Word from the Library … Many free programs available

Posted on Wednesday, March 27, 2013 at 10:49 am

Jill Rael

Jillian Rael

By Jillian Rael, Special to The Times

In addition to services offered here at the public library, there are a number offered through out the state and regional libraries completely free of charge for our patrons. These services are so useful that I want to be sure that our patrons are taking full advantage.

First, the Tennessee Electronic Library, found at www.tnsos.org, offers a number of services to anyone using a computer in Tennessee. Included on this site are resources for preparing for all types of standardized tests, including the GED, job and career help, and coming in April, you can learn a new language completely free and on your own time. There is also a kids’ section of TEL found at www.tel4u.org that offers interactive books, games and homework help.

Next is the READS program, which stands for Regional E-Book and Audio Download System and may be found at www.reads.lib.overdrive.com. Through this site, our library patrons have access to approximately 50,000 titles owned by the state library system and include both e-books and audio books. This program can be utilized through an app on your smart phone, through your MP3 player, Kindle, iPad, Nook, laptop or even your home computer. All you need is a library card and you are good to go!

The staff here at the library can offer assistance with your mobile device and the READS program or you can use the incredibly handy HELP feature on the website. I have been using READS lately for audio books, and it is awesome!

As many patrons already know, we now have a subscription to TumbleBooks, an online program for children. There is a link posted on our blog page www.flcpl.blogspot.com that will take you to the appropriate page and you have unlimited access to all the features of TumbleBooks. This service has been generously provided to our patrons by the Junior Round Dozen.

A few reminders of upcoming events: March 26 Dr Shouse will be our Friends of the Library speaker. She will be in the Genealogy Room from 6-7 p.m. to discuss a group of Fayettevillians who went west with the Gold Rush.

March 27 is the deadline for the Library essay contest.

 On a final note, we will no longer have the multiple racks of free paperbacks on the first floor anymore. We have become overrun with them and need the space for an expanded children’s section. We will continue to have free books on a small cart in the basement. However, we do ask that you seek library personnel before going to the basement, as it is not open to the general public.