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Word from the Library … ‘Life’ book reviewed

Posted on Wednesday, February 20, 2013 at 9:31 am

Editor’s Note: This week’s “Word from the Library” column features a book review by Kelsi Murphy, a member of the library staff

Life As We Knew It is a heart-capturing story about a teenager and her family whose lives are thrown into chaos. Miranda, about to be a senior in high school, has much going on in her life – aside from the moon-asteroid collision that will take place in the coming week.

But, once the asteroid hits, Miranda’s life as she knew it is gone, along with the rest of the world. Miranda and her family face new challenges, such as growing their own food, portioning out their resources, defending their home from marauders, overcoming family divisions and working together despite their adversity.

The book is written in the form of Miranda’s journal entries, giving the book a look into the emotional and personal struggles of the family. The book deals with many issues surrounding a global emergency, including government, climate, food supply and personal relationships. It also deals with the struggles surrounding an entirely new way of life such as family ties and boding, being trapped in a fixed space for an extended period, learning to do without and having no contact with anyone but family for months at a time.

Miranda and her siblings grow and mature quickly while also fighting to stay as they were before the catastrophe.

Susan Pfeffer draws in the audience with suspense, trials, conflicts and shocks. The text captivates and holds the reader with Miranda’s emotions and thoughts. Every journal entry brings fresh understanding of just how tough it would be to grow into womanhood during tragedy and chaos. Miranda and her family come into their own by the end of the book, and even though the world is never the same, life goes on and the Earth, along with its inhabitants, adjust to its new beginning.

The book selection will be available at the Fayetteville-Lincoln County Library with free checkout at www.reads.lib.overdirve.com. The book will also be available for purchase at The Book Inn in Fayetteville.