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Wood & Strings entertains at Blanche

Posted on Monday, December 24, 2012 at 9:47 am

Baby's first birthday

Pictured with the characters are Analicia Ruiz-Sanchez and Jeffrey Riddle.

Wood & Strings Theatre, with their production of “Baby’s First Birthday!”,  traveled to Blanche School to entertain students in grades Pre-K through eight.

The performance was made possible by a $1,200 Student Ticket Subsidy (STS) Grant the school was awarded through the Tennessee Arts Commission.

“Baby!” is a study in the dance of a toddler from crawl to first step and his first escapade into the world of fantasy. This 30-minute performance with two giant characters amazed students of all ages with the perfection of scale achieved through mask and puppet.

Following the production, the actors assisted in a lesson on proportion and scale as it related to the performance, props and costumes.

Wood & Strings Theatre is a national touring company that produces and performs traditional folktales from around the world with classic forms of puppetry. The cast is made up of highly trained artists that transform the stage with artistic scenic elements, mask and puppetry, bringing exquisite visual art to a concert of sights and movement.

This company has performed at National Geographic Live in Washington, D.C., Tribeca PAC in New York and the Detroit Institute of Art on multiple occasions. Visit www.woodandstrings.net for more details on the productions and see videos of the company in performance.

The work consistently delivers an inspiring view of the power of visual arts, in conjunction with theatre, to deliver a story.