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Frame straightening basics

The chances are, if your vehicle is involved in an automobile accident, you’ll need the services of an experienced auto body shop that has the proper equipment and trained staff to restore your vehicle. Roughly, 50 percent of all auto accidents result in frame damage.

When shopping for a repair shop, ask whether they offer electronic frame straightening. This type of equipment uses hydraulics to provide the torque and leverage required to pull the damaged frame back to factory specifications.

What is an auto body frame machine?

Our electronic frame straightening machine consists of a platform large enough to hold a car, SUV or pickup truck, and upright posts or towers that can be rotated 360 degrees and moved along the platform perimeter to work on different areas of a vehicle’s frame. Our equipment uses computerized line-of-sight lasers or sonic senders to assess a vehicle’s frame and diagnose how much damage it has sustained.

These diagnostics are used to determine whether the vehicle is repairable and to provide an estimate of how long the repair should take, which is necessary to calculate the cost. This on-board measuring equipment is also used to ensure that a repair is performed accurately.

How does it work?

A damaged vehicle is driven up onto the platform and bolted to rigid clamps that hold it firmly in place so it can’t move forward, backward or sideways. Chains on towers are attached to specific points on the car’s frame, based on where the diagnostics indicating straightening is required. The tower’s hydraulic equipment gradually increases the tension on the chains to pull that section of the frame back into shape. The machine’s electronic measurement system verifies that the adjustments are made correctly, so the frame is restored to the manufacturer’s exact specifications and the vehicle drives correctly.

If your vehicle was damaged in a collision, and you’re looking for an auto body shop with frame straightening expertise, visit our shop for a free estimate on repairs.

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