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Car windshield repair or replacement

Classy Chassis 300x250 Insider WebEvery time you get behind the wheel, you see your windshield, but usually you don’t pay much attention until a problem appears. A chip from a rock while driving, hitting an animal or vandalism suddenly put the front glass in the forefront of our minds.

In addition to being unsightly, a damaged windshield can be distracting – it can impair your vision and even compromise your safety. Because of that, when it comes time for your car windshield to either be repaired or replaced, it’ll be something you’ll definitely want to do right away.

A damaged windshield will often appear and behave differently than glass elsewhere on your vehicle. That’s because most the side and rear windows on most vehicles are made of tempered glass that tends to shatter into tiny pieces, or at least crack entirely.

A windshield doesn’t do this because of its laminated construction. Think of it as a sandwich – two layers of glass, with a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) layer in between. This construction protects you from more than just the elements. In a severe crash, an undamaged, properly installed windshield is critical to front passenger airbag deployment as well as to the vehicle’s structural rigidity in the event of a rollover. So while a small rock chip may appear as little more than a cosmetic annoyance, there’s a lot riding on car windshield repair or replacement done the right way.

As a general guideline, if the windshield damage is smaller than the diameter of a quarter, it is usually repairable, provided the damage doesn’t encroach into the driver’s straight-ahead line of sight. Replacement is necessary when the damage is larger in size or in the driver’s line of sight. This usually takes a little more time but is well worth the wait.

Windshield repair or replacement is often covered by your insurance as well. As always, our office staff will be glad to assist you with your insurance company and answer any questions you might have.

Our I-CAR Gold Class shop can repair or replace any type of glass in your vehicle, from your windshield to the slider on your truck or the glass in your driver and passenger side windows. We always strive to take the best care of you and your car that we can, and our commitment to education is just one of the ways we are continuing to do so.

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