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Consider a spray-on bed liner.

Classy Chassis 300x250 Insider WebThere’s nothing better than a Classy Chassis Trucks and Auto Body prepared and sprayed bed liner. Behind all the glory we give modern engines sits one of the most underappreciated pieces of steel bolted to our trucks – the bed.

Statistics show that most buyers purchase trucks to work them – be it on weekends or every day of the week. And with maximum payload ratings perpetually increasing, owners are able to work their trucks harder than ever before.

Protect your truck bed.

It’s a known fact that truck beds suffer a lot of abuse, and everything you can think of will scratch the paint. So why not protect it?

It’s relatively cheap for us to spray on a bed liner that offer great protection to your truck’s bed. Spray-on liners don’t allow for water to get trapped between the liner and the bed, which can lead to rust or corrosion.

In addition to being durable and corrosion resistant, spray-on beds can reduce road noise and typically last much longer than other options. We make sure the surface is properly prepared, so that excellent adhesion to the steel is ensured.

The process we use is quick, so there’s not a lot of waiting around, and it’s very versatile – it can be used to protect rocker panels and fenderwells.

We also offer various textures, from hard to grippy, and we can cover your bedrails as well as your tailgate – those are major points when it comes to scratches, nicks and missing paint.

A spray-on bed liner can also increase the resale value of your truck, while also concealing minor bed dents and damage. It’s the best way to protect your bed. If your truck is a work truck, and one that your care about, consider protecting it.

Just stop by our place any time, and you can see for yourself. We know how important your truck is to you – it’s your truck, it’s your car and it’s your toy, all in one. We look at ourselves as a great source of information, and we’re here to help our clients. That’s really what we’re all about it – it’s functional, safe and looks good, all at the same time. We’re all about making life better, dreams come true and creating new friendships!