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Utrust honors city schools

Posted on Monday, December 10, 2012 at 2:57 pm

School board honored

Pictured are (from left) Tommy Holland, board vice chair; Jeff Whitmore and Alice Palacio, school board members; Mark Clark, board chairman; Dr. Janine Wilson, director of schools; Dr. Dan Tollett, Utrust administrator; and Danny Bryant, Sarah Raby and Joyce Eady, school board members.

The Fayetteville School Board received an award during last week’s board meeting for excellence in unemployment compensation administration.

The award was presented by Utrust, a statewide organization which administers unemployment compensation for school boards.

“Fayetteville had the lowest number of unemployment compensation claims per employee of any school system in the state with 200-499 employees,” said Utrust Administrator Dr. Dan Tollett, who was on hand to make the presentation to the board. “We congratulate Fayetteville for the excellent job you have done in keeping unemployment compensation claims to a minimum.

“This is a significant accomplishment,” he continued, “and one that the taxpayers of Fayetteville should be extremely proud of. Some school systems about the size of Fayetteville spent ten to twenty times more than Fayetteville for unemployment claims last year.

“Low unemployment claims are a strong indication that the school system is a good place to work. That is a tribute to the superintendent and principals, as well as the board,” Tollett continued.

The award was named after former Utrust board president and longtime Sullivan County School Board Member Charles Bridwell. This was the first year the award was presented by Utrust.

Utrust is a statewide organization that promotes excellence in employee relations and administers unemployment compensation for local school boards in Tennessee. Utrust paid $1.2 million more in unemployment claims than its members paid in premiums during the last three years.

Utrust also sponsors the School Employee Appreciation Program and an annual writing competition for both students and adults. The writing competition provides twenty cash awards to students and adults who write about the difference a school employee has made in their lives.