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TVA fuel cost rises in November

Posted on Thursday, October 31, 2013 at 3:43 am

Fayetteville Public Utilities has announced that the Tennessee Valley Authority total monthly fuel cost will increase for the month of November.

Because the total monthly fuel cost amount is adjusted each month and is based on individual consumer’s kilowatt-hour charges, the amount varies from month to month and from customer to customer. Residential consumers who use the household average of 1,330 kilowatts can expect an increase of 59 cents in their monthly power bills for the month of November. In October, customers using the 1,330 kilowatts were billed $134.78; in November the same amount of electricity will cost $135.37.

November is a transition month, so no other rate changes will affect customers’ bills. The month of December begins the period of TVA’s winter rates and has usually brought higher electric rates to consumers.

For a complete listing of FPU electric rates, visit FPU’s web site at www.fpu-tn.com.

FPU encourages you to take advantage of energy-saving tools and advice offered through the Energy Right Home e-Valuation available on its web site. This self-audit is a free evaluation of your energy consumption based on your home and energy use. Energy professionals will offer advice on improving the energy efficiency of the home to save energy and save money on utility bills. Participants of the Energy Right Home e-Valuation receive a conservation starter kit that includes easy-to-install items like compact fluorescent light bulbs, foam insulation pads for receptacles and light switches, faucet attachment to reduce water use and more.

An online link to the Home e-Valuation self-audit can be found by visiting www.fpu-tn.com. If you’d like a paper version of the energy audit, please stop by any FPU office location.